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Town of Davie, Florida

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Flood Hazards, Warnings, & Info
Local Flood Hazard
A large portion of the Town of Davie is located within an environmentally sensitive region known as the C-11 West basin. This area also encompasses the vast majority of the Town that falls within a special flood-hazard area. The C-11 West basin includes all areas of the Central Broward Water Control District (CBWCD) that are located west of Nob Hill Road. Storm water that drains from each area within this C-11 West basin proceeds to flow into South Florida Water Management District’s (SFWMD) C-11, or South New River Canal (recognized by many as the Griffin Road Canal). Storm water that enters the C-11 at all points west of Nob Hill Road is pumped via SFWMD’s S-9 (pump station) directly into the Everglades (Water Conservation Area 3A). The area east of Nob Hill Road is known as the C-11 East basin. Storm water in this basin drains into the C-11 Canal and is pumped via the SFWMD’s S-13 (pump station) into the ocean. Hurricane Irene (1999) is the most recent example of widespread flooding in the Town. Because of the extensive flooding from this storm, the Town identified areas where the drainage system needed to be improved. The Town has made drainage improvements in Green Acres, Little Country Estates, Oak Hill, Orange Park, Playland Village, Royal Palm Estates, Sequoia Estates, Silver Lake, Sunnyland Farms, Sunshine Village, and Vista Filare.

Natural & Beneficial Functions
State regulations protect those natural areas that help to reduce the risks associated with flooding. When portions of floodplains are preserved in (or restored to) their natural state, they provide many benefits to both human and natural systems. In particular, the Everglades Aquifer, which provides drinking water to the South Florida area, benefits from the preservation of natural areas.

These benefits range from providing aesthetic pleasure to reducing the number and the severity of floods, helping to handle storm water runoff, and minimizing nonpoint water pollution. (Nonpoint is the opposite of a direct pipe or point pollution discharge.) For example, by allowing floodwater to slow down, sediments settle out, thus maintaining water quality. The natural vegetation filters out impurities and uses excess nutrients.
The Town of Davie has over 40 parks and open sites with a cumulative 1,690 acres located within its boundaries. These sites include areas within the floodplain that are maintained in their natural state.

Flood Zone Determinations and Elevation Certificates
The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) division provides Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) determinations to residents inquiring whether their structure is located in a SFHA zone. Please call 954-797-1041 for your determination. To view an interactive FIRM map, please go to the “MAP US” link on the Town of Davie homepage located at
Elevation certificates are required as part of the permitting process for all newly constructed or substantially improved buildings in Davie. The certificate documents the base flood elevation of buildings and is available to any inquirers in order to facilitate accurate insurance ratings. To find out if an elevation certificate has been completed for your property, call the Building Department at 954-797-1111.

Flood Warning System
The Broward County Office of Emergency Management (OEM), in coordination with the National Weather Service, relays updates of threatening weather to government and media outlets. Flood warnings or watch advisories are issued through local radio and TV stations. These advisories are broadcast on radio stations, including, WIOD (610-AM) and WFTL (1400-AM); television stations WFOR (Channel 4), WTVJ (Channel 6), WSVN (Channel 7), and WPLG (Channel 10); and other media outlets.
The Town also has an information hotline that provides details on advisories relating to emergencies, including hurricanes. This hotline is updated as necessary and can be reached at 954-797-1122.
Evacuation Information
All mobile home residents must evacuate in the case of a flood emergency. To contact the American Red Cross shelters, please call 954-797-3800, or go to

Evacuation Information
All mobile home residents must evacuate in the case of a flood emergency. To contact the American Red Cross shelters, please call 954-797-3800, or go to

Updated September 2014